Product Idea |

Komatsu Jaraffa


   This Komatsu construction machine is made of yellow and black bricks. I made this machine to test my creativity in making a machine without looking at a real consept. Its wheels are made from my own contraption. The engine is hidden inside the big black cover, as for the other yellow small cover; it is a small storage place for their tools. The hardest part was to make the top of the machine turn without moving the wheels so it can work faster. The roof of the control base can be removed easily to place minifigure inside. The construction machine even has a ladder so that the minifigure can climb to base. This construction machine has a movable plow that can retract and carry residue bricks from the construction site.

   Finally, this construction site was inspired by a similar machine that was working outside our house. I think that this would make a great set since children like sets that make minifigures build their own stuff. This is from my own experience.