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Silver Camper


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Hello! I give you the Silver Camper. The design of this camper is to resemble the design of the Wally Byam AIRSTREAM Land Yacht. I found no results for an Airstream, so I decided to make my own. It is an awesome design with an aerodynamic exterior. Trailer hitch included, this thing is actually City scale! It has signal lights on the top of the RV and it has nice clear windows. It also features a full modern interior with a couch, kitchen (including refrigerator, sink, and stove), a bedroom with a two-stud wide bed and desk with light, and what's a nice camper with out the bathroom!

Side view of Silver Camper. Looks awesome, huh?

Captured the classic Airstream trailer rear. : )

Silver Camper interior. Everything you need to completely live in this thing! As for the landscape: your on your own! : )

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