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Power Ranger; Green Ranger and Dragonzord

Help Tommy to be released from Rita's spell and fight for the good side!!!

The Green Ranger is ready to protect the Angel Grove from evil forces, with his might DragonZord. This project has everything you need about the Green Ranger: the unmasking Tommy (extra head), the Dragon Dagger (that can be assembled with his mouth so he can call for his Zord) and Dragonzord (like the Owl from Harry Potter kit which is slightly small).

They were made with extreme care and love made by Fan to Fan and also those guys are my favorite characters from Power Ranger (and I thought most of Power Ranger Fans). For example the details, I've made the Dagger bigger so it can have more details possible.
Don't make this project only to win but to made toy that I will buy. And if you think just like me and love this series, I ask you to vote and share this project with your friends because if you join me in this fight we are going to need all help we can get. 
Thank you for reading and pay attention to my project besides anything else and Please Vote!!!


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