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Service Dogs, Wheelchairs, and Walkers!


"Push" Wheelchair Change!

We changed the push wheelchair!  We made it more practical.

Here is a list of the details/changes:

-Head Support

-Cushioned sides to keep the person stable and in the correct position

-Communicator is now similar to an iPad (a common device for communication)

-Pushing is easier

-Easy to customize to the child's needs (moving supports, changing positions, etc.)

-Many places to change the color!

-Able to use with smaller legs

Here are the pictures below.

Thanks for supporting and sharing!


Added to the back of the WCMX Chair

We added a smooth piece to the back of the WCMX wheelchair so that it looks "sportier" and more like a normal wheelchair.  Here are the pictures of the updated wheelchair and more pictures of it going down the skate park ramps.


New WCMX Wheelchair

We changed the WCMX wheelchair!  The wheelchair is now smaller (it can easily fit through door ways) and is less pieces.  Another fantastic part is the "wheelie bar."  You can leave the bar down and roll smoothly through your LEGO town and the wheelie bar can lift up so you can do those sweet wheelies down the ramps!  It bar easily moves making it easy for little LEGO builders to play.  The wheelchair also changes colors easily.  With simple pieces that are included in almost every LEGO set, you can change the colors.  A 2x1, a flat 2x2, and 4 studs can make the possibilities endless.  The wheelchair was based off of WCMX Box Wheelchairs.  Thanks for supporting and sharing!

Above:  Front View with Wheelie Bar down

Above: Side View with wheelie bar down

Above: Back view with wheelie bar down

Above: Back view with wheelie bar up

Above: Back view wheelie bar up

Above: Side view wheelie bar up

Above: Front view wheelie bar up



Service Dogs, Wheelchairs, and Walkers in other Sets

One of the great things about our LEGO set is that you can use the Mini Figures with all your LEGO sets.  Maybe Darth Vader rolls around is his sweet wheelchair.  Maybe a police man can be supported on his cool forearm crutches.  Maybe Captain America can fight crime with his service dog!  There are so many possibilities with LEGO which makes it one of the best toys out there.  Here is a picture of one of the many ways this LEGO set could be used:

Thank you for supporting and sharing this project!


Ramp Change

We are changing the ramp to make it more slick and ready for the WCMX athletes!


Wheel change on normal Wheelchair

We changed the wheels on the normal wheelchair so it can move easily and the LEGO Minifuigre can grab the wheels.


New Wheels and lower back on WCMX Wheelchair

We changed the wheels to make it smaller and slimmer.  We also removed the handles and lowered the back.


Different Anti-Tippers on 1 Wheelchair

On the normal wheelchair, we changed the bottom.  The anti-tippers used to be big but these make it smaller and smoother.


Forearm Crutches

We added forearm crutches!  This also included another figure.

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