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1989 Batmobile


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     Hello fellow LEGO builders and fans, I am publishing my first ever project. I decided to model a great classic vehicle, the 1989 Micheal Keaton Batmobile. I wanted a batmobile other than the LEGO sets, which were great, but pretty boring from little detail and functionality. The models contains 519 pieces and Batman. I tried to replicate the Batmobile's details and functions from the movies as best I could at minifigure scale. The models functions include a slide-opening canopy, skin-breakers, wheel bombs, fold-up guns, and last but not least, the BAT-ROCKET! The Bat-Rocket is only four studs wide and rolls on 6 wheels, like in Batman Returns. The model is a total of 11 studs wide and a length of 21 studs.

     I hope you like my Batmobile. Be sure to support it if you do. If you don't like it or something about it, then please comment with your suggestions. I will take any criticism as long as it helps my building skills. Thank you checking out my model and be on the look-out for more of my projects.

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