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BMW M4 GTS/M4 Coupe/M4 Convertible


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BMW enthusiast? Like cars? Well, in case you answered no to those questions, the BMW M4 GTS is a limited production performance car that BMW produces. With only 700 units available, most of us probably want this car but will not get it.

This set is a simple build. The front of the car is removable from the chassis without much force, and it will not ruin any part of the model. The rear spoiler is removable as well. The cockpit fits one driver. I did not include a picture of the driver considering that Lego did not make a BMW set, so I have not driver. The can car also be turned into an M4, as some people may want to use this model in their mocs as a stock M4. It can even be turned into an M4 convertible, by removing the spoiler and the 4 1X4 tiles on top. Of all of the colors the M4 comes in, I chose a gray for the Silverstone color. I do not have a lot of light blue, orange, or gold parts. I did not have any matte gray parts for the M4 GTS. The interior is known as Sakhir Orange/Black, which is a popular color for an M4 interior. 




Note: I based my model off of Speed Champions. 

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