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Planetary Base


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This is a Planetary Base it has a HQ a 4 corridoors an airlock and the plant bay where they can crow food.

There is a kitchen so they can cook bed and tools.

The HQ is the main compartment with some antennas to get the radio sginals from earth.

The corridor, you can take the side off so you can walk withf your mini fig around to the HQ or the plant compartment.

The plant compartment is a place where they can crow food or test with it to make it better there is a lamp that i think look pretty.

You will also see 4 airlocks they can open and are closet with a brick 1x1 w.  1 stud, so it will sit strong. 

The corridor and the HQ and the plant compartment are connect with a 'connector peg' gray. 

You can take seperate parts of the build so you can play easyer and to customize this build, if it will be accept I will make more builds like this, so you can make bigger bases and play with them. I really like to make it and I hope if its accepted I would love to build it my own. I hoop you to, so pleace support this project if you like it and want to build it to. 

Leave a comment, how do you think it will be to play with?