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Pizza Palace

What is it?
Pizza Palace is a neighborhood pizza joint. You can sit inside or outside and enjoy a pizza. Some features are the bathroom, wood burning pizza oven, soda dispenser and a place to make pizza. It consists of about 1200 pieces. It took about 4 months of hard work to finish it. I added small details which are TV, bench, pizza boxes, trash can, cups and details on the roof.

Why did you build it?
Pizza Palace is based on my hometown pizza joint. I decided to recreate it because I enjoy eating there two times a week. The name of the real pizza joint is Sandy’s Pizza Shack. It will remain in my childhood memories forever.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
I think Pizza Palace would make a good LEGO set because who doesn’t like pizza. Also, they haven’t made much LEGO pizza buildings.

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