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Wild West General Store


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Hi all, and this is my Wild West General Store.

The General Store is fully stocked, featuring many cans, jars, and cartons of food, medicines, and juices.

Details about this project:

  • Cellar: Great repository space, with much room for anything needed to be stored.
  • First Floor: Fully stocked shelves, with a checkout counter in the back of the room.  There is a hatch down to the cellar.
  • Roof:  A sign on top of the roof declares this building's purpose, and many a traveler come upon this place to buy the goods they need.

There are 1626 bricks in total.


  • Marty Martin, the tidy shopkeeper,
  • Larry "The Trigger" Edwards,
  • Elliot John, the shopkeeper's apprentice.

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