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London City Transport


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Firstly, Hello. I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

This is a couplet of vehicles typical to the English capital of London. Included is a large, red, double-decker bus and a black taxi cab, both with a driver and a passenger.

In terms of inspiration, I didn't with respect 'copy' any specific design of double-decker bus, though there are selection of features upon the vehicle that could be identified to be from certain models of bus. For example: The headlight's are inspired by those from a very recent model of Routemaster, a hybrid bus from WrightBus. The very recognisable Hackney carriage however was designed specifically to be most like a TX4 Taxi, though many Black Cabs in recent memory have followed much of the same design.

Both vehicles include opening doors. For the taxi these doors are located either side of the cabin on both the passenger and driver sections. For the bus, there is one door in the driver's cabin and two on the ground floor. There is also a clearing for the staircase to the upper deck. Both vehicles can fit figures inside.

I do believe that this could possibly make it as an official Ideas set. There are a number of sets that explore British culture and I would be delighted to add to them. Again I express my dearest 'Thanks' to the reader. If you appreciate what you have seen here, perhaps support this project.


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