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Police Command Vehicle

Police Command Vehicle is a close match to a real transport truck.  The Truck is much larger than other City Lego trucks and provides lots of great detail like the real thing.

I added swing beam suspension on four sets of dual wheels.  There is a pretty good detailed 16 Liter Detroit engine with Compounding Turbo's under the hood, which has enough power to catch any high speed criminal.  Vehicle comes with accessories and storage unit/area for all accessories.  Lots of head room for Lego men.  Requires some of the stickers from set number 60044 and Lego Police men require blue uniform (currently black) to complete.

If possible I would make all muffler/exhaust parts out of chrome Lego pieces. 

The vehicle has been designed with lots of accessories and the storage for all of the accessories.  The suspension allows the kids more play ability, so they can play with the unit on couches and uneven terrain.  There is enough pieces in the truck for the kids to build a variety of projects.

This set is 1,077 pieces, in the USA I think this set would be priced at $85USD.  Here in Canada, I think a fair price would be $115CAD but based on Lego prices here it would be more like $139CAD.  This vehicle is very large and has two jail cells, lounge, large rear cargo area and two work stations with full Lego man and children's hand access, which is critical for the kids and I think they would love it!




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