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LEGO Foosball


LEGO Foosball is here! Face off against your friends with the fully playable - and really attractive - LEGO foosball table. Each side has eleven players (just like a real football team) arranged in four rows (just like a full-size foosball table). The minifig-like players can be rearranged into different formations between games or even between points. In the pictures above, red is set up in a solid 4-4-2, while blue has opted for a more aggressive 3-4-3. With the LEGO foosball table, you can be the players and the manager too!

Players are decked out in team-colored jerseys and socks. Each goal is equipped with ten point sliders and a ball-return chute. Ramps on either side of the goals make sure the ball stays in play, and each side of the table has an opening for putting the ball back into play after goals. The playing field is 32 studs wide by 68 studs long (25.6 x 54.4 cm). The full set is 997 pieces.

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