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Ambush in the Acruse Astroid Ring


The Story

After getting a command from his commanding officer of the United Forces, the Pilot flew to the rescue of a man sent before him. As he was coming to the spot from which the distress signal came he got shot at. he swerved to the side narrowly missing the laser bolts.

Behind the build

In this project I had a challenge with the Hill, that the dead man lies on, getting the crystals to look just right. I used various build techniques to get the crystals in the right shape and look. Every corner has its fine details, please look at the design. It was a lot of fun to build this space theme.


In this build You get:

  • The pilots ship
  • The pilot
  • Two ambushers
  • A turret
  • And a small hill


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                   Thanks userofbricks11

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