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Lego Snow Globe Decoration


It's now Christmas time and many people are decorating there houses with all kinds of things. This snow globe makes a perfect decoration for your house at Christmas time. You can even be creative and place a picture inside it. This project is awesome because it actually contains little snowflakes inside to shake around like a real snow globe. Also if you look at the bottom it has little support pieces for decoration. 

The lego store would definitely sell lots of this product because it's small. Also it is inexpensive and it would make a great gift for someone who likes Legos. It is also cool because of the decorations on the cap of the snow globe. It has a handle so you can remove the top. If you open it you can even replace the lego mini figure of your own creating. That is probably one of the coolest parts of the snow globe.

I created this so that people could have a cool lego set that you put anywhere you want and it's small so it can fit. I hope people feel the same as me and support this awesome idea. 

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