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Hot Rod Pick Up Truck


More parts used

Thank you all for reaching the 100 supports!

As you all know, a MOC is never finished and this time I was able to put in over one hundred extra Porsche parts! I placed the body another stud higher up at the chassis, so that the cargo floor could be mounted in the body again. That made the separation of the body from the chassis more easy and made the body more stiff. The extra features are:

  • Lower part of motor more complete
  • Radiator fill tube
  • Number plate at front
  • Extra bumper parts
  • Back fender more closed
  • Decorative orange bar under the rung
  • Rung is one stud wider
  • Extra joint in steering shaft so that steering wheel is in a better position
  • More complete dashboard
  • Extra panel in side window
  • Panel under the motor
  • Extra frame part in chassis for more stiffness

Most of the extra's are shown in the pictures and are indicated with green pointers.

Hope you like the update!


More ground clearance

Well, I did not like it that with minimum ground clearance there was no suspension left. So I placed the body one stud higher at the chassis. To do so, I had to attach the cargo floor to the chassis instead of to the body and had to do some more modifications to the chassis. The advantage is that you don't have to loosen the shafts for the ground clearance adjustment anymore if you want to remove the body. I also gave the ground clearance three positions instead of the earlier two. From the left-over parts I was able to make some kind of space ship!

Hope you like the update!