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C. Class Wingspan Starfighter


The C. (Combat) Class Wingspan Starfighter is a elite starfighter flown by the bounty hunter “Zako Verde.” The C.Class Wingspan Starfighter has: detachable cockpit/escape pod, highly adjustable wings, detachable missiles, landing gear, rear storage unit, and spring shooters.


I have always loved to build with Legos. One day I decided to sit down and build the best spaceship I could. All together the model took 14 hours to build. There was lots of trial and error but I finally finished. I took some inspiration from Star Wars and some form Kylo Ren. All together I am very happy with the end product.    

This is a fun model that I think kids, teens, and adults alike will enjoy. The highly customizable nature of the C.Class Wingspan Starfighter provides lots of play possibilities.   



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