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There was a time, in a time not too far away a strange musical instrument that was neither a guitar nor a keyboard, but both!

It's the Keytar!
The most famous musical instrument of the 80's can be now, with your support, a fantastic addition to any fan of music and Lego.
You can expose it in a recording studio or close to your musical instrument . Or just in the house next to your favorite Lego set. You can have fun pretending to play it , in short, whatever you want to do with your Keytar is cool for the simple fact that you do it with a Keytar!
This kit of 250+ bricks is approximately 24 cm long , 12 cm deep and 3 cm high.
It's a 2-octave reprodution full of colored buttons, knobs, jack inputs freely inspired by the most famous keytar produced by Yamaha, Korg or Roland.
This is my first project and I've made it because I'm a piano player and I like making things like this since I was 10. I also like vintage items and the Keytar can be almost considered as such.
So, what are you waiting for?!
Let's play music, let's play Lego!

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