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Lego Shop Modular Building


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Inspired by the hard to obtain Lego shop (3300003) and a visit to the three storey Lego store in Berlin I decided to create a Lego Shop Modular building to sit within my wife's Lego 'street'.

As you can see from the pictures it fits in perfectly with the current modular buildings and adds a brand new modern dynamic to the street scene with its sheer black colouring with loads of window frontage. The vast array of Lego on 'sale' can be seen easily through the windows and I have used very colourful bricks to make it all stand out.

I think this would make a great addition to the Lego modular shops that are available.

One of the close ups shows the ground and first floors with the ever present Lego statue of Hagrid standing outside to entice in the shoppers. The other shows a close up of the second floor which is very much the girls section full of Disney and Friends Lego.

If this starts to gain a lot of support I will add more pictures of the inside and maybe add some shoppers.

Thanks for looking and if you like the idea please vote.



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