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The Persian Palace


Behold the mighty Persian Palace!

Rome has fallen and its people scattered throughout the world, having served Rome the Persians have leaned much of trade, battle, engineering, and much more from the once mighty Romans. Now they have returned home to their lands and begin to put their new gained knowledge to use, but they become aware of a fast approaching group of renegades who want to loot the palace. The renegades are made up of outcasts and even remnants from the Roman army, it will not be easy to keep them out. Take control of the guards and the palace and defeat the brigands and begin to rebuild your empire which will one day be remembered as one the greatest on earth!

Featuring; Eleven Brigands each with their own scavenged armor and equipment

Eight Persian Soldiers, One Captain, Three Archers, Two Spearmen, and Two Swordsmen

Three Persian civilians, and A King and Queen

Five horses for the Brigands, Two pigs, Five Chickens, One Cow, and a Goat