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This is my first submitted project. The previous lego set 3222 has inspired me to build a custom-made limousine by myself which would be more modern and playful.

The special features of this limousine include:

  • It is around 20 cm long.  Notwithstanding that, it has a sleek shape and looks modern and trendy.
  • It has 8 doors, and each of them can be opened and closed independently at your own wish.
  • Instead of removing it, the rooftop can be opened and closed with a hinge at the back of the car.
  • The front hood can be removed, which will reveal a detailed engine.
  • The passenger at the back seat can enjoy the ride by lying on the comfy space back there. 
  • The exterior of the whole car is nicely covered by smooth-faced bricks.
  • The windows surrounded the entire car, and are all black in colour so that it looks very cool.

Although it is built in white, you can easily change the colour of the whole car to the one you lilke so that it would become a unique limousine with your most favourite colour.

Please support me if you like this.  Thank you.


December 2015