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Lego Phone Project


This is a MOC of my custom phone that I made in about 2+ hrs to build. It has a lot of functions and things it can do, so read on! 

Image 1: Interchangeable apps, you can create your own apps and place them on the front

Image 2: All the different backgrounds!

Image 3: Behind the screen reveals a sliding mechanism that allows you to put in any backgrounds you like, and customize your own personal backgrounds!

Image 4: The whole set!

Image 5: All the apps!

Image 6: Phone holder in the back of the phone, helps you hold it better!

Image 7: Storage in the back of the phone, for apps not in use!

(When I submitted this, it might have scrambled the photos, so unscramble them!)

The phone holder interferes with the screen, so I appreciate any advice!

This is kind of my first build away from "movie" theme, so feel to express your ideas, questions comments or concerns in the comments section!


P.S. Try to guess what my custom made apps are!


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