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Elite Police

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 In a time of crime and danger, we must arm our selves and be able to react to the situation!<br>This is why you are here ladies and gentleman, for I now introduce to you the Elite Police 2-14 Mech!<br>     With our day and ages technology this is the true crime fighting weapon.   <br><section class="migrated-update"><img src="" data-image-id="393182" data-image-path="migrated/00b/54d/393182/image" data-thumbnail-path="migrated/00b/54d/393182/thumb"><p>    As seen on the presentation before you it can not only walk and run…….</p></section><section class="migrated-update"><img src="" data-image-id="393183" data-image-path="migrated/ddd/e6e/393183/image" data-thumbnail-path="migrated/ddd/e6e/393183/thumb"><p>It can fly!</p></section><section class="migrated-update"><img src="" data-image-id="393184" data-image-path="migrated/889/d11/393184/image" data-thumbnail-path="migrated/889/d11/393184/thumb"><p>     Here is a close up of the hand of this mechanical marble. It has the crushing power of two hundred tons.</p></section><section class="migrated-update"><img src="" data-image-id="393186" data-image-path="migrated/ce1/786/393186/image" data-thumbnail-path="migrated/ce1/786/393186/thumb"><p>     Last but not least, is the single barrel cannon that can blast through walls with ease.<br>Their is also twin flick missiles for surface to air fire if the occasion arises.<br><br>     So that was it my fellow officers, now this amazing machine could be apart of your department! <br>     Now what is the opening bid… yes you in the back. Is that one support I hear? then click the button and this could be yours! </p></section>
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