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Pirates of the Caribbean: Tortuga


Hi everyone! This project is based off the films in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, which in my opinion is the second greatest movie franchise of al time, the first being the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I created this project a while ago for fun, but then found out about Lego Ideas and so I thought I should post it. Sorry that there are no minifigures in the pictures, Lego Digital Designer didn't have the right parts and details. The set would include:

.A pirate tavern.

.A few shrubs.

.A boat.

.Some sea.

.A jetty.

.3 cannons.

.Captain Jack Sparrow.

.Joshamee Gibbs.

.Will Turner.


Please support as it is appreciated so much. Also, remember to comment any advice, ideas for updates and ideas for other sets. Please remember to check out my other sets too. Thanks!

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