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Alley Gator


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Half gator, half vehicle, the Alley Gator takes a big bite out of whatever gets in its way! Propel it forward and watch the teeth snap shut!

Fueled by noxious swamp gases, the Alley Gator makes a playground of rural Florida. With the villainous Eve R. Glade behind the wheel and the snippy, radar totting sidekick "Chomp" never far away, this wheeled reptile is a ferocious site to see.

This set came to life thanks to a few well placed gears, feedback from loved ones, and about 150 Lego pieces.

More than just a car or truck, the Alley Gator is a character unto itself. Partnered with a mini figure and a smaller secondary vehicle/character, the playability and interactivity of this set would make it a wonderful and unique edition to the Lego universe.

Thanks much!

Check out the Alley Gator in action!




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