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The Medieval Tavern

Hello and welcome to my creation Lego Idea. I called it The medieval Tavern. I built it because I like history. The house is two-storeyed, decorated outside with a large clock and a lion's head above the entrance. On the ground floor there is a tavern itself: a dining room and a storeroom.There is a large table with food, flatware and cups in the center. In the corner there is a stand with arms. We climb the stairs.On the second floor there is a living area. I decided that the tavernkeeper is interested in the geography: there are maps,books and a globe on the table. In the room you can see a fireplace, a bed, a bedside table, a bench and a small table. All floors and a roof can be taken off. The house is very detailed. This house includes 3 minifigures: a tavernkeeper, a visitor and a servant. It is suitable for children to play or for collectors. I think this building would inspire a lot of children in history and geography. I hope you like it as much as I do. Now you can help this model to become a new building toy all over the world. Thank you for your visit and support.

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