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Hidden Waters


Imagine wandering through a forest that has never before been explored, stepping through tall grass, hearing the crickets chirp, and the sounds of birds in the air. Slowly, wildflowers begin to appear around you, in small clusters at first, but becoming progressively more abundant. You pass through a group of trees to find a small pond, with a smooth rock protruding from the edge of it. Flowers have sprouted all around you, in countless variations of color.

This scene came directly from my own imagination. I've always loved the outdoors and have been inspired to create a set to depict the loveliness it holds.

The set has 851 pieces, the majority of which are green. There are a lot of the same type of piece, such as the Limb element (#2417) and the Stalk element (#3741). There are nine trees, and ten patches of flowers of different types.

Thank you for viewing my project, and please help me reach 10,000 supporters!

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