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Modern Home


LEGO has made numerous buildings, cottages and town houses over the past 50 years. However, most of them are focusing on services, but few of them are focusing on just a simple house where minifigures can live, sleep, cook and do all the everyday things We do (OK, except some Friends sets). That is why I made this house; a simple home for your minifigures.

The modern home has 2 levels, and the first floor consists of a big kitchen. It has an oven, a freezer and a fridge, where you can store your food. Above the fridge there is a shelf with a tin and a bottle, and a frying pan is clipped to the wall above the fridge. There is a small table and a chair where your minifigure can eat. It also has a detailed hall with a dark read carpet, a hook which serves as a clothes rack and a small stool. Behind the table there is a brown ladder which leads to the the second floor.

The second floor has a big, cozy bedroom with (of course) a bed, as well as a cupboard with a cup of water. There´s much empty space in the bedroom, so You could easily fit a TV on the cupboard if You want to. Just behind the bed there is a highly detailed bathroom, with a toilet and a washbasin with water in it.

There are few play functions in the set, but all the details and the possibility to take the entire roof off and removing one of the walls for playing inside of the house adds to the play value. There is even a window in the roof which can be opened.

Why should this become a set?

  • In it´s simplicity, this house has most of the things people need for living today. It may look plain from the outside, but inside there are many colourful details.
  • It offers a good selection of parts, which most builders will find useful.
  • The proportions are good, and a brickfilmer will find it easy to film inside the house because of the height of the walls.
  • The size. The house contains approximately 600 pieces, and would probably retail for 49.99 USD / 49.99 GBP. It stands on a 16x16 base, and fits well into any LEGO town.

If You would like this to become a set, please support, follow and share!

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