Product Idea

Paw Patrol Lookout Tower

What is it?
It's a small build of the famous Paw Patrol Lookout Tower. It's a Quick build, with very few parts. Yet this build is very recognizable. I started with a small base plate, green grassy. Then I added some grey tiles to make it look like a foundation for the famous tower. 2 colored lines like the real tower were used before going into the grey parts. I used an old medieval Lego shield and added a sticker to it. The top of the build is very colorful with 2 types of blue, yellow and red. On top stands the looking Eye, for with I used a little blu diamond. The slide is made from an old Lego pumping system.

Why did you build it?
I did build this one for the joy of my 2 little kids. They watch the TV-show with all the pups daily and are totally in love with Ryder and all of his pups. Especially my little Boy enjoys the show the most. As I am into Lego for over 20 years, I thought about building something from Paw Patrol to show my kids how fun Lego can be. They weren't all that liking it before, now they do. As soon as I showed them the build they were enthusiastic and immediately recognized the tower. So now they have their own private tower in their rooms (I made a 2nd one) 
I really enjoyed using al those colorful parts, and kept it small because I tend to make large things instead of keeping them little. 

And Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
Because it is very very very easy to build and of course looks great in my opinion. I could imagine dad's buying these for their kids. AFOL's might even like this build to! Imagine a grandad building this for his grandson. Could work right?! I also think it could be a great set because the use of these colors matches the real thing. It's very close to the original one in the series. Also the small size makes it look very classy, kinda pretty to set on a desk or in a kids bedroom.