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The Grease Diner


The Grease Diner includes 3 stools at the counter. The counter is red with a entree menu and a ice cream flavor menu and a drink and ice cream dispenser. There is 2 tables. One of the tables has two chairs and the other has one chair. There is a red and white tile floor. There are 4 mini figures, Danny Zuko, Sally Ollsen, A diner waiter with roller skates, And a diner customer.

The reason I built this project is because I have loved the different scenes and places in Grease. I also think that it will make the next lego ideas set because there has never been a Grease lego set.

I have loved the characters in Grease and I am excited to see all the supporters. I have seen a lot of different projects that are really good. Hopefully you fans of Grease that love legos will support.

Grease has been around for awhile and I decided to make a Grease diner. Please enjoy the Grease diner and don't forget to support.   :)