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The Lost Isles


Imagine flying through the sky, and suddenly, framed against a beautiful sunset, floating islands appeared. Majestic buildings, trees with autumn leaves, and airships buzzing about. Waterfalls spilling off the edge of a mound of rock.

Now imagine this in Lego, and bringing one home for yourself.

What is my project?

I began this idea thinking that I wanted to make a smaller build. I was wrong. At 2941 bricks, this is one of my largest builds yet. My idea was to make a floating island. The product was amazing, even as a computer rendering. It is a micrscale build, but I still had to make it playable. I added a hanger in the side of the island, which could be accessed by removing a section of rock. Two forklifts and three spacecraft are inside. I also have three mini airships (which can be removed from their stands. There are also two sattelite islands. I experimented with many building techniques, mainly building upside down. 

Thank you for your support! It means a lot to me!


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