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Lamborghini LM002


Introducing the Lamborghini LM002! This model was built for a friendly build off between myself and Masman8675 ( You can find his model here We each did our own unique styling and hope all you supporters enjoy both models.


Mine has the typical LoneCoyote look. It is white with black accents. It features sporty rims with a more rugged looking tire. The front end strongly resembles the real model, and there is also a hood scoop. The exterior cab, has a slanted style on the underside like the real model. I tried to capture the look of the real cabin which was really hard to do. There is four door handles, and mirrors. The mirrors were really hard to replicate. The inside has four red seats, a black steering wheel, black floor boards, a set of speedometers, and a fully completed dash. The rear was the most difficult part of the vehicle to replicate. There was much time, effort and a lot of trial and error put into it. It has the slanted piece that extends from the cab to the bed creating a sleek style look. There is also bed rails. The rear tire is mounted in between the taillights. The tailgate can also be lowered to reveal storage in the back. The rear taillight area was hard to replicate with the spare tire. It stays as close as possible to the original vehicle. 

This model contains 198 parts and would sell in the $20 US currency range. Thank you all for supporting! It is much appreciated.

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