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Foosball and Bowling Game


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My idea for a cool lego set is a fully functioning foosball and bowling tabletop game. I made it using a little over 1000 bricks. This would technically make the price high but the part count could absolutely be reduced. I had to work with the pieces I had and improvise. The game is about 11 inches by 7.7 inches and is close to 5 inches tall.  

Here are the features:

  • Easily changes between foosball and bowling
  • Has two goals that fold in flush with the table
  • Has a working score system
  • Has sturdy working knobs that make foosball fun and easy
  • Box on the side with a lid to store the pieces not in use
  • Very sturdy
  • Can even be played by rough little brothers without breaking
  • Lots of fun

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