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Planet Skaro


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My LEGO set proposal includes:

  • A model of the Dalek "control room" seen in the opening episodes of the latest series of Doctor Who (series 9 of the New Who episodes). It features a removable roof, allowing the interior to be accessed easily.
  • Four Minifigures: the 12th Doctor, Clara Oswald, Missy, and the creator of the infamous Daleks, Davros.
  • And of course, this set would not be complete without the Daleks themselves! There are six altogether: a Skaro Dalek, an Emperor's Dalek, a Supeme Dalek, a Renagade Dalek, and two Time War Daleks.

Several things about this project could still be improved, especially the characters costumes, which are at the moment generic LDD ones. I have not yet had enough time to invest in designing my own, but I hope to improve these at a later date.

Thanks for having a look at my project!

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