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Lego Diplodicus


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The diplodocus is one of the longest creatures to ever walk the earth. Support this project and if it reaches 1,000 supporters it has the chance of becoming a real Lego project.

I have tried to make this diplodocus as accurate to 2015 discoveries as possible. It has longer back legs then front legs. A long neck, and extremely long tail. It has a rather large hump on its back. I have also added small thin spikes that go down its body where possible. This diplodocus has a lot of articulation on its legs neck and tail to put it in awesome posses or battle posses.

 No Lego dinosaur projects that have been submitted to Lego ideas are made into projects (at the time of this project's launch) Even though a lot of them do reach 10,000 supporters. And this would be the perfect dinosaur to be made into a Lego set as it is a very iconic dinosaur.