Product Idea |

Technic Car Remote-Controlled


This is a car.                 

Description of the outside of the vehicle :       

The vehicle is grey and dark. It is long and low and there are transparent and transparent red headlights. The rims are black, like the calender, the tires and the steering wheel.

Description of the interior:                                             

There are four nice beige seatings and two of them may be folded. The floor of the car is brown. The air intake, the buttons of the dashboard, the pedals and the counters are represented.


The car is remote-controlled. The wheels are connected to the differential which is itself connected by transmition shaft to an electric motor. The wheel steering is connected to an electric motor too. There are suspensions for the wheels. The battery is installed in the front part of the vehicle.

Electrics parts :

  • 1 Battery Box
  • 1 XL-Motor
  • 1 Servo Motor
  • 1 Infrared Receiver
  • 1 Remote Control

I think it will be a super Lego product, because it's funny to build and play !

Thanks your supports !