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Heroes Unite: HQ Defense


Act Fast! The Heroes' HQ is under attack by the dreaded villiain, Rox. Prepare Isaiah with his new elemental gun and load him into the new, high speed galaxy flyer. Stop Rox and his henchman from supergluing the heroes and escaping with the heroes' money and jewels safe. After the fight, help the scientist robot reload Isaiah's elemental gun. Just beware of the villiain's vehicle. It's loaded with missiles and studs ready to be shot!

This lego set is a Heroes' headquarters/lab that stores their gadgets, suits, and can dock their vehicles. Inside the headquarters in the tallest building, there is a lever that will push out the wall as if the villains just destroyed or blew up the wall to get to the Heroes.  Each roof of the structure is modular and the floor space allows ample room for play. There is also a balcony for the Heroes to watch for the villains.The main entry includes a crystal that sits on velvet inside a glass jar that powers all the the heroes' vehicles, gadgets, suits, etc. The set also includes 5 figures, 2 villains and 3 heroes.  The villain Rox's Deadly Drop Ship and the heroes' Galaxy Cruiser are also included in this set.

I built this set to provide a place for the Heroes to live, experiment, create new vehicles/suits to keep the villains from destroying their city. The villains and henchmen are included for action play.  The respective vehicles for the Heroes and villains are included to increase the enjoyment of the set.

I think this would make a good lego set because it is a futuristic lab with new vehicles, new technology, and offers many hours of imaginative play. It is also a good display model for older builders. The set is built in 3 different sections and key elements are the transblue lego pieces as well as detailed lego bricks

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