Product Idea

Medical Minis

Every day in Lego city, police, firefighters and construction workers, catch criminals, save lives and work tirelessly to make their city a better place. But even superheroes need medical attention sometimes! This set therefore presents three mini medical scenes, so that your city populous can get some much needed health care.

Set includes:

  • Doctor’s surgery – scene features height chart, weight scales, examination table, children’s toy blocks and a teddy in case anyone needs a hug!
  • Dentist – scene features a poseable and turn-able dentist chair, moving tool tray, and x-ray examination screen.
  • Optician – scene features an eye chart, eye examination machine, turn-able patient chair, and glasses display rack with mirror.

The set would ideally include six minifigures, with one patient and professional for each scene, in a similar manner to those shown. But it could contain less figures and have characters with interchangeable body parts so characters could be customised to each scene.

Each scene is highly detailed and would make a great display piece as well as supporting imaginative play!

And not only does the set pack a lot into three small parcels, but it only includes around 300 pieces, meaning it would make an affordable, but valuable set.

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This is a collaborative project between BrickingIt66 and BacktoBricks.