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Tetsujin 28 Robot


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This is the legendary Tetsujin 28 deluxe version 2470 pieces. A giant robot piloted by a small child with a remote control.

Mattel first attempted to release these die-cast robots in the states in the Shogun warrior line in the early to late 1970s. The project was tossed out mostly due to projectile missile child safety issues. Bandai/Popy/Godaikin took the reigns in Asia and created the Godaikin line of Chogokin, which translates to (die-cast robots) back in 1982. Tetsujin 28 above in the KING/holly grail of all die-cast chogokin robots. A brother to Voltron of sorts who is known throughout most of Asia as Go-lion. This robot is so sought after it rarely sells less then 2000 American nice and complete and lists as high as 10,000 on open market, especially rare Popy mint unused examples. It is also represented in a museum in Asia. It basically is one of the most sought after expensive toys on EARTH.

The set comes with two small boys (one in cockpit one upper right thigh) two repair droids (bothe lower shins) two battle axes, three including removable head crest which is also a battle ax, and 8 missiles.

Please note image seven shows all compartments opened, including upper forearms, the cockpit with the pilot in seat, and the shins and upper thighs. And ofcourse the chest-plate is removed, where as image nine for example shows him with all compartments shut and the chest armor in place. Note the missile port has a door as well behind the chest plate, again just like the cockpit. If you are counting at home this robot has eight hinged doors. Two lower legs, two upper legs, two upper forearms, and the cockpit and the missile compartments make eight total.


1 Removable chest plate which snaps into place at two locations on hips of the massive robot with a couple of hinge pieces.

2 Both lower shin areas contain compartments inside complete with fold out doors, which close over the compartments.

3.A computer is located in the right leg, two repair droids (one in each lower shin), and functional elevator in the left leg.

4. Upper thighs contain yet another work area in the right leg and yet another elevator in the left leg.

5. The middle torso contains a cockpit control area with fold down door in front of it, and again the outer chest plate covers this area when in place. So that cockpit is then behind the chest plate and its fold out door.

6. Above the cockpit in center chest area is a twin missile system, which is behind yet another fold down door, which can still function when chest plate is in place. So simply fold down blue door when chest plate is on and chest missiles ready to launch.

7. The head and arms rotate 360 degrees, and it has fully functional anatomically correct hinged fingers and thumb, which is holding both battle axes. The fists are removable or launched with a little help.

8. The giant robot's crest on top of head is yet another removable ax blade.

9. On the upper back of robot you have a twin engine jet pack, completely removable.

10. Both upper arms also has fold out doors, when opened the repair droids can work on the inner mechanical parts of  Tetsujin-28

In closing I think this set has many playable features with removable axe head-crest, removable plates, articulation, etc., and with one vote you can help push it in that direction, thanks again!

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