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CHOBIN il principe stellare

Chobin, the prince of the stars, in Japanese (os の 子 チ ョ ビ ン Hoshi no ko Chobin) by far my favorite cartoon from the 80s. Although with a sad beginning, the Shōtarō Ishinomori mangaka has managed to give a beautiful ending .. Little Prince Chobin, falls on earth after the conquest of his planet by the tyrannical forces of Brunga, demonic figure inundated by a dark cloak and with the Wings . However, Chobin has a talisman, the shooting star, which was entrusted to him by his parents for the salvation of his planet. Precisely this object, endowed with extraordinary powers, falls within the objectives of the perfidious Brunga, who arrives on Earth to eliminate the heir of the sovereigns and take possession of it permanently. But the prince will manage to defeat him by freeing the captive mother.

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