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Expand your collection with this wonderful black rotary telephone made in retro style!

This model of a classic rotary telephone, made in 1:1 scale, will be a wonderful addition to your desk. The model is based on a rotary telephone that stood on the table of Ole Kirk Christiansen, the founder of The LEGO Group, which is noticeable in one of his famous photos. This telephone model will look great on a desk, shelf, or anywhere else.

Feel the spirit of that era.

More than half a century ago, phones were completely different from what they are now. At that time, they had no buttons at all, and dialing was carried out using a rotating disk. This brick-built model of a classic telephone will remind you of the rich history of phones.

An exact copy of a real rotary telephone.

This telephone model consists of 371 parts. It is executed with great precision. It includes details such as a rotating dial with a distinctive sound, a detailed handset and a realistic design.

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