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Pac-Man 35th Anniversary

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Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the beloved pellet-eating hero, Pac-Man!

50 supporters! 2/17/14
100 supporters! 4/10/14

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Update: Now added with a maze, and more Pac-Dots!

To start with, many of you might know who Pac-Man is. He was created in the year 1980 by Namco, and became one of the best arcade games in history.

Now you may be asking,"what is this project for"? Well, 2015 marks Pac-Man's 35th Anniversary, and I wanted to celebrate that moment by making a Lego version of Pac-Man. Also, this set is based on the classic game of Pac-Man.

This set dedicated to Pac-Man includes the following items:
13 pac-dots (or so-called 'pellets')
1 cherry
Golden Pac-Man in honor of his 35th Anniversary

The characters that are included in this set are:

There is a total of 517 pieces that would be included in this set.

A special thanks to WipeoutZone for his renderings!

Thank you for looking and don't forget to jam that 'support' button to show that you are dedicating towards Pac-Man's 35th Anniversary!

Happy building! :)

The one and only, Pac-Man!

Character / Nickname

-Bashful "Inky"

-Shadow "Blinky"

Character / Nickname

-Speedy "Pinky"

-Pokey "Clyde"

A golden Pac-Man in honor of his 35th Anniversary!

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