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Eclipse-class Dreadnought


Insane Insides!

Hi, guys! We saw several commentaries about the interior, and finally we finished it! We intensively worked on the model to add interior with the same exterior. The internal construction was modified to remain rigid, but at the same time we got enough additional free space for internal constructions.

We created a unique fastening system for upper plates. You may see that each of them stands on three pillars which have folding mechanism, so when you want to open the ship, it looks like you draw out the plate, and vice versa – insert, when you want to close the ship.

The insides have enough free space to play in. It is divided into three areas: 1) captain’s bridge, 2) main hall, and 3) outside area. There are eight ordinary chairs which can spin around and one captain chair, hologram on meeting table, and many control panels in the front and back of the ship.

Now the set includes 4 minifigures: the Emperor, 2 commanders, and a trooper.

The ship consists of 2900 bricks.

Keep supporting and sharing, guys!

Thanks for reading!