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Eclipse-class Dreadnought


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“Wonderful name it has – the Eclipse. It certainly blocked out my view of the shipyards.” – Tyber Zann

Experience the power of the Galactic Empire with a Lego model of the Eclipse-class Dreadnought (also known as the Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer) from the Star Wars extended universe. With the length of 17.5 kilometers, which is more than ten Imperial-class Star Destroyers, it is carrying the 150,000 army of troops and 58 TIE squadrons on board!

Model characteristics

  • Number of pieces: 2,816 (total in the set* – 2,997)
  • Length: 116.0 cm (45.67")
  • Width: 41.6 cm (16.38")
  • Height: 36.2 cm (14.36")

*Except the Eclipse model, the set includes two stands and micro Star Destroyer.

The great number of pieces is determined not only by the size of the model, but also by the need to make it rigid and lasting. Nevertheless, there is a scope for reducing this number down.

The emphasis was made on realistic replication of the ship’s unusual appearance, including its amazing rostrum, set of drive engines, gravity-well protectors, and bridge with communications tower. This stunning spaceship could become a pearl of any Star Wars fan’s collection!

I would also like to thank Neferess together with whom this model was prepared for his great help! Here is the link to his profile:

We will try to prepare several collaborative projects and present them in the near future (wait for the coming project on Neferess’s page).

Thank you for reading!

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