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Boeing 737 Passenger Plane


Boeing 737 In House Colors

I got a lot of great feedback from all othe the people who supported this project!! I appreciate all of it!! By far one of the most requested changes was to make the livery a bit more exciting. What I’ve done here is take the Boeing house colors and applied them to this Boeing 737-500 classic series. I was originally going to make this into an actual airline but decided against that for lincencing issues. This was the paint job specifically for the 737-200 but I thought it would fit this aircraft well and add some needed contrast. 

        I’ve also refined the nose a little to be more accurate and look less blocky. This model still has a full interior even though this would have been a demo model for Boeing and would never have really gone into airline service. I thought that keeping the interior would make for more play ability and be fun to display. The landing gear retract and the model still comes apart into modular sections for transport. I’ve included some minifigures that I thought would go well with this model and will even be adding some ground equipment later on but that may push the parts limit. 

        I hope you’ve enjoyed this update and I hope to be able to improve this model even more so be sure to leave some suggestions and ideas!!


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