Product Idea


For years now, LEGO passenger planes have relied heavily on pre-molded pieces that limit your ability to be creative. With this project I want to change all of that. This minifigure scale model of a 737-500NG is built with almost all of the features that the real plane has including fully functioning flaps, retracting landing gear, full interior, emergency exits, a galley, lavatories, cockpit and even the option to add power functions to make the jet engines spin.

When I set out to design this aircraft I wanted to have an aircraft that would be incredibly recognizable yet full of features. The 737 is one of the most iconic planes in the world and was the perfect candidate for this project. I choose the 737-500 over the other 737 models because it was the smallest 737 to use the iconic jet engines with the flat bottoms yet, still being small enough to be a LEGO set. This model uses around 2500 pieces and has the option to add power functions to make the jet engines spin.

This model is large but not unmanageable. To make transport a little easier this plane breaks apart into 3 sections using technic connections.

The interior of this model is as accurate as I could make it. Due to the limitations of LEGO minifigure scale I was only able to fit 4 seats abreast and 2 lavatories in the rear of the aircraft but every single seat can hold a minifigure including the first-class seats at the front of the aircraft. there is a full galley in the back of the plane along with a fully detailed cockpit at the front.

This aircraft has fully functioning tri-fold Fowler flaps to add even more realism to the wing along with correctly retracting main and nose landing gear. there are 6 exits of this aircraft 2 in the front 2 in the rear and 2 over wing emergency exits.

Whether this project succeeds or not there are people just like me that want to see a realistic LEGO passenger plane set in the future!!