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Space Prison Escape!


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Finally, Rocko, Hunkson, Weirdo Six, and State Huxer are escaping the Monner Prison located in space.

Rawls has sent his most trusted guards to catch them.  These guards' names include: Captain Lord (his most trusted one) and Meredith.  There are also many more.  

The Monner Prison is one of the biggest prisons ever made.  It has seven cells, 558 prisoners and 387 crew, including Rawls.  A prisoner is kept in a cell for 30 years, but Rawls is surprised when some of his prisoners are escaping.

"All prisoners return to your cells!" Rawls yells every five seconds.

On a Fries Ship next door, Mordecai and Rigby are looking at the destruction that is happening on the Monner Prison and yell their famous line, "WHOOOOAAAAAAAAA!"

The prisoners that have returned to their cells do things that they usually do.  For instance, one prisoner is seeing if his jet pack works.  Another one is doing push ups with fire and ice on her head.  Another one, which is an alien, just looks at a sparkle that is next door to his cell.

Almost every prisoner that enters the Monner prison is kept in a specific suit that looks like Emmett's from the Lego Movie.

Rawls calls the prison suits "Home Sweet Prison Suits".  

At last Rawls sees two of his prisoners swinging across the broken bridge and entering their ship.  






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