Product Idea

Cooking Show Kitchen

The Cooking Show Kitchen is a set designed to look like a kitchen you would most likely see in a cooking show. It has several appliances, foods, utensils, and more. It also has an outdoor garden with a composting bin, a built up wooden deck, and a grill. Behind the kitchen there is overgrowth with a pond that has a frog in it and a chicken near it. I built it because my family watches a lot of cooking shows and I wanted to make my own cooking show on a smaller scale so I decided to build this kitchen. I also decided to build because I thought it would be a fun project to challenge myself with because of the limited number of bricks I had. I believe this would make a great Lego set because it is interactive and I like sets that help to stretch the imagination. This is an easy to play with and fun set and it also aesthetically pleasing enough to also be a display set. I have played with my family who is not as into legos as I, but they still find it fun. I also think it would make a great lego set because there are not many sets like it and Lego doesn't have a good complete kitchen set.