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LOTR The Mirror of Galadriel


LOTR The Mirror of Galadriel

This model is based on the movie trilogy, the Lord of the Rings, the Fellowship of the Ring. The scene this model is based on is the scene were Galadriel invites Frodo to look into the magical mirror. The mirror reveals to Frodo what will happen if he fails his quest as well as the Great Eye of Sauron.

This model includes the grass and flower terrain of Lothlórien along with a large tree. It also includes two mini-figures, Frodo and Galadriel, and a platter that is used as the "Mirror".The Galadriel mini-figure has a reversible head with two faces. The Frodo mini-figure includes the One Ring.

I believe this model would make a great set because it is based on a major scene in the Fellowship of the Ring, and it would be very much enjoyed by Lord of the Rings fans. Please support! Thank you and tell your friends!


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