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Astronomy House Club


I present to you my Amateur Astronomy Club set.
This is my first invented set. For now I only show the digital version but I want to make it soon.
I did it because I like what represents the passion shared between friends and there it is a good illustration of a group of friends who meet from time to time in the countryside to observe the stars and play a game of maps.
It consists of around 1,500 pieces.
It includes a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom downstairs. Upstairs a large bedroom with 5 beds.
There is also a large terrace with telescopes and a small garden and relaxation area outside.
The black pieces should be pieces with pictures of constellations
The roofs are removable for access.

I think this set can be popular because everyone loves to look at the stars.
This set is not very big and can be placed everywhere without taking up too much space.

Thank you for watching.