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Classic Car Lowrider - With Full Remote control


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This is a fully motorized and remote control Lowrider, made from 100% Lego!

It features a highly capable and compact Technic chassis, complete with 6 motors, snugly fit inside a highly detailed 'Creator Expert' body.

The body has been designed to fit in with the current range of Lego Creator vehicles and is in an 18 stud wide car, inspired by the late 1950's American cars, but is not based on any one car in particular, this way the model would require no licensing, and help keep price down as a 6 motor set would be expensive enough. . . The color red is a just a suggestion, and I used it as it the easiest to get parts for, but the model should work in almost any color as 50's cars can pull it off.

The Chassis is completely built from modern Technic parts and uses 4 mini actuators, each linked to a separate medium motor, this way each corner of the car can be adjusted individually. Clever use of ball joints and link arms allows the model to have proper axles, which allow the steering and drive train to work in whatever position the suspension may be. The steering is controlled by a servo, and the drive comes from a single L motor. Receivers are hidden in the roof and the rechargeable battery pack is accessible from the trunk. The model also features working headlights and tail lights which come on as soon as the battery is activated.

Currently this build uses the old 'Power Functions' system as the new 'Control+' system is in its early stages, but This model is only a prototype and could always be adapted to work with the newer system.

In testing of this prototype I was actually surprised at how reliable the functions were and while filming the video above, the model did not break down or fail at all. So please check out the short video earlier in the description and you can see all the functions working.

I think a model that combines classic car beauty with the high tech Lowrider chassis, would make for a fun, educational and highly desirable Lego set. 
Thanks for taking the time to look at this Idea and I look forward to your comments as always!

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